1. In the new culture of 'False-Claims' lawsuits, it was critical to us in our efforts to meet compliance standards that we maintain ownership and secure control of our data.
2.  At our company, we serve people with intellectual disabilities in multiple States, and our needs vary.  We needed a software product that is 'State-Specific' (e.g., incident management, State-specific billing protocols) with complete interoperatability/integration functions related to time-keeping, email, and case management.  From our experience, we knew that one size did not fit all needs.  "State-based Customization' was a critical element necessary for our long-term success.
3. We needed a software company with experience who would provide needed ongoing training and support. Initiated in 1989, TIMAS is among the first database systems designed specifically for agencies who serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Having used TIMAS since 2010, I can say that the TIMAS Team trully knows what they're doing.
In all honesty, implementing TIMAS is one of the best things that we've done to improve quality of services, decrease costs, and boost our company's competitive edge over the next 20 years!