Aspects about TIMAS

My name is Alana and I am a Physician's Assistant.  I began using TIMAS in 1993.  Below are some of the aspects in TIMAS that make the system secure and easy to use for our medical and direct-care staff.   Funtionally integrated, interoperability is one of the many advantages of TIMAS' advanced design.

Hybrid Web-based/SQL Server Security

Your data-your way is more than just a motto for TIMAS.  We recognize that you are responsible for the access, distribution, and control of your data.  Whoever has your data controls your company and owns your information.  With TIMAS, your data is on your server and remains under your control. It keeps your company in possession of its most valuable asset.


TIMAS is Smart

TIMAS was initiated in 1989 in the United States to serve community organizations that provide long-term treatment services to people diagnosed with an intellectual disability.  Unique 'fully-integrated' features include: online training strategies specific to the needs of the person served; facility-based online training for fire safety; digital health records since 1991; E-MARs since 1995; quality-of-life assessments for persons served; personal funds tracking; incident management tracking; time-keeping; intra-agency email; and much more.


TIMAS is Experienced-Based

TIMAS is not just a off-the-shelf product developed by solfware engineers. Our system is a comprehensive digital management package that has been developed over time by people who actually work in torganizations that provide services for people with mental and physical disabilities.  Theses include direct support staff, nurses, case managers, supervisors, healthcare practitioners, behavior analysts, and corporate executives.  The TIMAS system is based upon cumulative experience from analysis of what works and what does not work. 


Advanced Solutions that are easy to use

While TIMAS is a comprehensive management system, it is designed to be simple to use for people who provide direct care.  Much of the research and design is for the purpose of keeping features 'simple' to use.


TIMAS is Individualized by Each User

Though comprehensive, TIMAS is individualized by each user so that the system remains simple.  Each user can put features of his/her choice on 'My Page' for ease of use.  In addition, the database can be adjusted to provide different looks that appeal to each specific user.


TIMAS is Cost-Competitive

TIMAS offers a 'free-to-use' transition period of 30 days when a 12 month contract becomes active.  There are no hidden fees.  Payment strategies are clear and the monthly lease price is very competitive.